We specialize in planning, designing, developing and manufacturing proprietary and bespoke customer stamping, bending and composite tools as well as injection molding tools. Our tools stand out thanks to their exceptional ease of maintenance, minimal downtime and unrivaled process reliability.


We have a fully air-conditioned space housing two wire-eroding machines made by Agie Charmielles, with traverse ranges up to 550 x 350 x 300 mm, as well as a vertical-eroding machine.


We produce high-precision systems on 3- and 5-axis machining centers with maximum traverse ranges of 900 x 500 x 500 mm, and rotation speeds of up to 18,000 RPM with internal cooling.


Grinding operations are handled by a CNC grinding machine made by Jung, with a traverse range of up to 450 x 200 x 200 mm, as well as an additional 4 conventional grinding machines also from Jung.