Our production facility encompasses a wide range of machinery. As Bihler Premium Partner, we specialize in the fully automated Bihler stamping and forming technology. Alongside Bihler auto stamping/bending machines and Bruderer automatic presses, we also have hydraulic and all-electric injection-molding machines, special purpose machines and placement machines. Experienced personnel guarantee the provision of high-quality work.


Stamping/bending and composite technology

One of our specialty areas is the manufacture of stamp-bent and composite parts. Universally deployable automatic units from Bihler and Bruderer allow wire and rolled material components to be manufactured cost-effectively and at high capacity.

Injection moulding process

Injection moulding components for our proprietary LSA products as well as customer-specific requirements are produced using all-electric and hydraulic injection-molding machines. We guarantee that our products will meet the strictest requirements in terms of quality, appearance and functionality.

Resistance welding

To date, we have been integrating resistance welding procedures into our automated solutions for over 12 years. Resistance welding involves pressing together parts which are then joined once they have been heated sufficiently. The melting and solidification of the material at the weld seam is what creates the connection.